Water Lily

Type: Piano
Genre: Ballad

With school almost back in session, I hope to present to you a new season of Study Music Project. This song here is called “Water Lily.”

Left Brain: I began the concept of this song essentially one year ago. Like most pieces that I write, it was a bit fragmented when I began. Due to my own overwhelming amount of work, I never had the chance to sit down and think about this song until recently. I really wanted to write a song with 12/8 time..I think there is something unique about this time signature. As you listen to this song, you will realize that there would be times when I don’t play very many notes, but you can still feel the rhythm. I think that this time signature may trigger some sense of an internal metronome in our body, which helps us keep a pace – 12/8 more so than any other time signature. This is something interesting to me, and a musical concept worth exploring.

Right Brain: The feeling that I try to capture in this song is essentially create a smooth flow, like water, while keeping everything simplistic, with no complications. I imagined myself near a stream while I was writing this piece. My goal is to try to get the listener into a good rhythm and flow of doing things and accomplishing tasks with this music.

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  1. Juancarlos Juancarlos
    September 16, 2013    

    It’s always a great feeling to see the final product after months of work. Though all we’re listening to is a 9 and a half minute song, the amount of work that went into this piece no doubt probably took a long time.

    Thank you for playing such beautiful music! I would listen to your study music all the time while studying for exams and homework back in college. Now that I’m in the daily grind of the working world, your music definitely gives me a sense of peace in this very strange and busy world. Thanks again man!

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