Despite the new post, this is actually a throw-back song. Tesseract was something I produced back in the days when I was a first year in medical school. Except now, it’s 2 HOURS LONG!! This song brings back memories. Memories of cramming. Bad memories.

I wrote this song when I was a first year in medical school going through head and neck anaytomy.It all got started when I needed to “take a break.” Unfortunately, hours would go by before I come to my senses and realize I just procrastinated the night away. Bam, back to reality. What is a tesseract? A Tesseract is a 4th dimensional cube, and like-wise I wanted to create a “4th dimensional” song. By listening to it, the listener is taken away to his or her 4th dimension, away from whatever it is that is surrounding us. Somewhere to get away from it all. At least for me, dang…I needed it. When medical school first started, it was initially fun, until it was not fun. It became real intense. Everybody I was surrounded by was just cramming until their eyeballs fell out of their sockets, competing for top scores. I really needed to create something to take me away. Essentially, a musical portal. A musical Tesseract. That is how this song got it’s name.

Well, good news was that things got going, and now I am currently finishing up my first year in residency as an intern, and it’s time that I start moving away from Detroit to San Diego for my next step. Filling out paperwork. Relocating in itself is a stress situation. Could use a little bit of Tesseract right about now.

Anyway, that was “good” trip down memory lane.  Wish I could go back and do medical school all over again. Said no one ever.

This song is really good for:
1. Late night reading
2. Introspection
3. Essays due in 72 hours

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