Reminiscence: Coffee or Tea?


This is one of those tracks that really had me deep into the process, to a point where I began to become lost in the music. Being in this semi-alter-conscious state while working on this piece, my suppressed, forgotten, and elusive memories began to emerged. Along with it brought some interesting emotions, which further fueled the creative process. Thus, I was stuck in a state where I just couldn’t stop the music. A lot of “what if’s” and “if only’s” and “I wish..” thoughts arose, which inspired me to create alternate versions of this piece. This is first version of “Reminiscence.” What you are listening right now is the “Coffee Version” Like coffee, the music is soothing but may be something you need to just to pick yourself up again after a long day. It is chill and relaxing. Imagine yourself in a coffee lounge as you watch the rain pour and contemplate about life.

I find this study music particularly good for writing, reading English literature, or brainstorming for a creative process. If you have no idea what to write or what to do for a certain project, you are bound to have some obscure idea by the end of this track. It is the perfect background instrumental music for introspection. Hope you guys find this useful. Please share this with your friends, and watch out for an alternative version of “Reminiscence” in the next coming days to weeks.”

This study music is the “Tea” Version of Reminiscence. The tea version is essentially, the piano solo version of the song, without the drums. For some reason, not having drums in this song brought upon a completely different set of emotions and mood. It was somewhat of an accident on how I discovered it, but once I did, I was torn. I wasn’t sure if I should entirely take out the drums or to leave them in there. What do you guys think? Which one do you like better? I think for me it depends on my mood. Anyway, I hope this instrumental background music track will bring you hours of concentration and focus. Good luck!


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