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1. The complete Study Music Project Playlist Upon pressing play in the following video, ALL the music from Study Music Project will be played, giving you more than an hour of different music and study space.

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  • Hello Mr Kuo

    I’ve discovered you study music today on youtube, can I just say its amazing, i’m studying for my llb law degree in London waterloo and its been a real challenge. Listening to your music I have managed to write a 2500 word essay in 8 hours!!! I’ve never written like that before, Thank you sooo much I need to buy you album but can’t find it on amazon :( let me know

    Thanks and keep doing what your doing….you have a great gift!!!!

    • thanks for your comment! that is really amazing to hear! i am really glad you like the study music project and have it useful! it really means alot to me. it is good to hear from london, i hope everything is well there. most of my music is on itunes right now, but if you don’t like itunes, you can always find it on

      thank you for your support! :) i hope you continue to listen to study music project as new ones come out throughout the year

  • Found you through youtube and might I say that your music is awesome, sir!

    It really does its job and helps me focus… although there are some songs that are just too beautiful that I find myself just sitting back, listening, and letting the melody take me away but I don’t mind that. My brain needs to rest too, lol. I’m in my premed and I’ll be needing all the help I can get to stay focused and keep my grades up so I can get in a good med school. I’m definitely recommending your music to my friends. :D

    I hope you keep making music. Please share your talent with the world

    Much love from the Philippines :)

  • Just wanted to drop by and commend you for such awesome music pieces. They really help me to focus and I’m so glad I found this site through youtube. :)

  • My girlfriend recommended this awesome site to me. The music is very relaxing. It keeps me focus and that feeling of chillness is so great. Thanks for the amazing music! I appreciate it. Good luck producing more music!

  • This is one of the best things i have ever discovered! Thanks to you and your amazing music, i can accually do my school work, and listen to awesome, yet relaxing music while doing it! I was so stressed today about a huge project, but now i am doing it with ease! Thank you for your beautiful music and artwork

  • Thank you, this is great!

  • I just wanted to thank you for the great music! You clearly have a lot on your plate yet continue to help others out musically! A friend told me to check your stuff out on youtube, and boy am I glad I did! I’m in 4th yr Uni and I was getting pretty tired of the usual music I’d been listening to in the past. Now back to term-paper writing I go! :)

  • I recently found your music on YouTube upon my random google search of “music to study to.” I was absolutey up to my eyeballs in homework and study needs (and still very much am!) I am a junior in high school taking two interconnected AP courses, AP American History, and AP English Three. Your music has helped me monumentally in the essence of staying focused and getting it done. I would like to thank you personally for all the study time you’ve helped me get through! I couldnt’ do it without your music. You are truly a brilliant comoposer and I will tell everyone of your project and beautiful music! God Bless you!

  • Any way I can buy a CD directly from you instead of mp3? Would love to have it autographed as well :)

  • Thank you for the great work! I can’t study at home since there is too much distraction, always want to lie down and sleep. So I like studying at coffee. But coffee shop has a lot of distraction too. Your music really helps me block out noises and distraction and helps me focus. Thank you!!!

  • I love to comment on your blog sir

  • Thank You for creating this website and all these great melodious tunes. It breaks that irritating silence. I’m glad I found you on youtube before my HSC. Currently I’m studying for the School Certificate and it has been a major help.
    Once again thank you.
    Many thanks,
    from a Yr 10 student from Sydney Australia.

  • Wow, thanks a lot! I found this place by chance but your music is so beautiful and inspiring! It’s been a great help during my revision! :) Good work


    I’m Safiah from National University of Singapore, in Singapore, doing an Honours degree in Communications & New Media. Your music is so good in putting me in the right mindset. So really, thank you for putting in excellent effort and being thourough in ensuring listenability.

  • Thanks for this amazing music. You saved my life more or less. Finally sitting in the Senate House Libary in london. Studying Cell biology and my anatomy :D

  • Its pretty awesome how you still find time to make music with all the crazy studying you have to do as a med student. Even more so if you’re in your residencies right now because I know how hectic your schedule can get.

    Thank you for your music. It has definitely helped me through a lot of my university papers. Even though you label it as “studying music”, I’m pretty sure I will continue to listen to your music well after my university career. I hope you continue to compose =)


  • :) Your music makes me happy, thank you so much for taking the time to create this! My finals are killing me and this definitely helps ;) Good luck in your studies!

  • Was able to finally fully concentrate and complete my University Essays and studying for my upcoming exams… Thanks a lot study music project your music is awesome !!! :)
    From Birmingham, England !!!

  • Incredible, inspirational, soothing, just what I needed, awesome talented and this is only the beginning! LOVE LOVE LOVE this so much. Thank you for sharing your gifts with all of us …x

  • Hi there, your music is simply amazing. I went on and on with my writting. It really increased my tolorance for writting. Is there anyway I can buy all of your songs?

  • Thank you so much for all the work you put into this project! I have midterms this week and these ease my stress as well as helping me study. Is there anything that makes this music better to study to than other piano/piano and drums music? Sorry if this was answered somewhere else, and thank you again!

    • hey glad this is working for you! everybody studies to different types of music, but I take into consideration tempo and pace of the song. i also try to make my songs more reflective in terms of mood.

  • Thanks for the music. I only study 3 hours for my exam and i got a B which helped me a lot. This studying music is helping me. Right now im studying for english for tomorrow and im going to ace that exam with this music helping me to study. Keep up the good work man. Thanks

  • Dennis you’re music is absolutely beautiful! Please, please, please produce another album! I’ve already bought your Study Music Project album on iTunes. Do you have any other albums that are up for purchase? If there is please let me know – if there’s one coming out in the future, keep me posted. You have my support!

    • hey Desiree, thanks for your feedback! Yes, I do have another album on the way! It will be released soon, so be on the look out for an announcement in the next couple of months. Thank you so much for your support with the first album :)

  • nothing to say , perfect

  • Just came across this Study Music Project when I was looking for music to help me knuckle down while I was working on my dissertation. A beautiful playlist! So listenable, thanks for compiling this, it’s a fantastic idea. Have already spread the word! :)

  • Hi,
    After I´ve discovered your music, i started to study muuuuuch better. I’m a brazilian trying to get into the public sector and for that I have to pass a looooot of very difficult tests… Tks a lot!!!

  • you are amazing, this is such a wonderful idea. i have been able to do my work peacefully and calmly through your music, its really soothing for homework. keep up the beautiful music :)

  • Thank you for your music. This playlist has helped keep me going during brief writing and studying during law school. I purchased your music via iTunes to play on loop during my 4-hour exams to drown out the frantic typing of other students and keep me calm and in my study mind-set. I really appreciate it! Keeps me engaged unlike most other instrumental music I’ve listened to, yet not distracted like lyrical songs.

  • Amazing. Helps me with my studying a lot!

  • beautiful songs!!it actually made me concentrate on my work !!! thank you so much :D !!
    only distraction I got so far was finding these lovely songs from itunes to download them on to my ipod touch =] !!Cheers

  • Amazing!!! helps you concentrate while studying and is not boring like a lot of classical music love it!!!

  • I found this website on Google and I have to say it’s AWESOME!I am in the Gifted and Talented program at my middle school and this helps me study and finish all the mind twisting assignments. Your music like gets into my head and helps me reach stuff at the back of my brain. Thanks!

  • Wow.
    I’ve listened to them all so much that I now know the melodies.
    They are wonderful songs for not only studying, but for numerous other purposes!
    Thanks, Dennis!

  • Hello, I’m 13 and in eighth grade. I found your music about an hour ago and It is already helping me survive my algebra homework. Thank you! I’ve been looking for a playlist like this for a long time now, thanks for putting in the hard work to make it!

  • I would to thank you for this special project.
    Great music to hear while studying.
    I am willing to recommand it to my friends.

  • I’m a huge fan of your music. A friend recommended it to me and I’ve been listening to it while I studied ever since. Nursing school is extremely intense and I always find that your music soothes me as I study. Thank you.

  • Thank you so much for putting this music together. I often have to study in noisy or distracting areas and my own music tends to distract me as I sing along in my head. Your music on the other hand, worked to put me in a gentle studying trance during which I felt peaceful and confident in my work. I would like to suggest that you make this available for download! I would love to be able to listen to it when I don’t have access to the internet.

  • Thanks you kindly for making these songs. I listen to them while playing Call of Duty — they help me stay concentrated and calm.

    Thanks so much!

  • Hey Dennis,

    I was just wondering, what kind of psychological and, in particular, neurobiological factors do you take into consideration when you compose your pieces? I’m really interested in knowing what maximizes concentration when studying with music. What qualities/techniques of music composition would lead to this result?

    Thanks!! :D

  • Dear Dr Kuo,

    I teach English for Academic preparation and I am writing to express my gratitude for this invaluable collection of music. My students love to hear it when we are doing writing or reading activities in class and many of them have since asked for the link – they’ve been listening to your music while studying on their own.

    From all of us, thank you very much and all our best wishes.

    From Vietnam,

  • Is there an album on iTunes or a place where we can buy/download the songs? Thanks man they really did help me work btw :)

  • Hi Dennis,

    I bought both your albums and am wondering if you’re releasing the next one soon. Moon Among Trees, Ever Eternity and Save The Dreams are amongst your recent ones and are not in those two albums. So I cant wait to purchase those songs… :):)

  • Amazing… and really beautiful…

  • Your playlist is great! You are very talented. Thank you so much for sharing this! Have a great day! :)

  • I know asians are supposed to be extremly talented as music, but this is ridiculous.

    A super asian perhaps? All he needs is a theme song (which he could compose himself)

  • Just want to say, with all of the other students/people here, that you’re music really does help me focus! I’m the type of student who cannot study efficiently when it’s too quiet; I need to be listening to something in order to focus (contradictory. yes, I know haha) but you’re music is neither too distracting nor too boring! It’s the perfect medium and I absolutely want to thank you for creating such beautiful music for not just my ears to enjoy but my brain as well! Thank you & God bless :)

  • I’m sorry but my own grammar is killing me! I meant *your haha Again, thank you & good luck with your studies!

  • I love music when i work. i am 10 and in fifth grade i am one of thoose kids who hears things twice as loud so i like to work in quiet spaces which becomes boring so i listen to music i was looking for music about 10 days ago when i came across this on youtube it was a great melody so i listen and work with this you are a great composer by the i like to compose song too but i keep them to my self. Your song are amazing

  • Thank you so much for uploading these playlists. I am one of the individuals who requires some sort of sensory stimulation while studying– it is impossible to focus during moments of silence! I came across this site a little over a year ago having grown weary of my own playlists, the commercial interruptions on the local classical music station, and unwillingness to take the time to search for a new collection of tunes. I was studying for finals and the January MCAT at this time, which meant studying took top priority.

    I was also thrilled to learn that you are a medical student– you are able to relate to us pre-meds who are on the cusp of getting our applications together. Thanks to your playlist which allowed me to really focus on the material, I got that coveted “over 30″ MCAT score and proceeded to the medical school interview trail. Best of luck to you in preparing for your residency.

    • jeni that’s awesome and great to hear!!!! i’ve gone through the MCATS so i know how difficult the whole process is. Thank you for sharing your experience of the Study Music Project with me! thank you for the wishes on the residency interview trail. best wishes in your medical pursuits!

  • I get random muscle spasms in my neck, causing bad headaches and earaches. This often led to me quitting my homework or research that needed to be done. Your music has stopped this effect and I can get my work done!!!! You’re excellent at what you do! Thank you so much for sharing!

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