Candles and Roses


Happy Summer Break everyone! I’m happy to release a new song for you guys. Well, this song is NOT EXACTLY study music. This is a “SUMMER BREAK EDITION” release for me. Since it is summer and many are on vacation, I decided to take this chance and explore new ways of music production. Though it’s […]

Falling Petals


Falling Petals

Mocha Latte

Mocha Latte

Music Title: “Mocha Latte” Style: Jazz, Hip Hop, Coffee Music Background: This instrumental background music was inspired by a fellow medical student, who always insisted on starting the day off with a large cup of Mocha Latte, during my Surgery rotation in medical school. Of course, that never happened because… well…we’re on surgery! So we […]

Moon Among Trees


Title: “Moon Among Trees” Genre: Classical, Hip-Hop Mood: Slightly melancholic, but introspective “Left Brain” Analysis: Moon Among Trees is the first piece that I have written for 2013! The concept for this song is a bit more unique. I have been getting feedback from people who love the orchestral Study Music Projects, but I’ve also seen a […]

Ever Eternity


This music will mean something a little different to everyone, but ultimately it’s about reflecting on memories we love. The piano represents our reality, the strings represent memories. Sometimes, by reliving these memories in our head, in conjunction with the reality, we make our reality much more bearable, even beautiful. But at some point, what […]

Etoile Filante


  For those of you that don’t know French, “Etoile Filante” means the “Shooting Star” The inspiration for this music through the thought that when you look up into the sky, and you see a shooting star, you can only wonder if someone else in the world is looking at the same star. And through […]

Snowflake Sonata


Time for a long over-due commentary about my newest composition. I recently received a message about it, and in replying to the message, I’ve shared a little bit of what the song is about. Subject: Snowflake Sonata Message: “Just to clarify, this isn’t really a sonata (: haha very pretty music though. This might be […]

Study Music Project Holiday Special! ...


Style: Piano & Orchestral Genre: Christmas/Holiday Mood: Nostalgic Best Played When: You really need that final stretch before Winter Break Best NOT Played when: It is NOT Christmas time!         Noel (Study Music Project – Holiday Special) by Dennis Kuo   PLEASE NOTE! This song is a limited holiday edition of Study Music Project. This video […]

Music Box

We all had one in the past, let's go back to those times.

Style: Piano + Music Box Genre: Classical Mood: Nostalgic Best Played When*: You need to sit down and write a good paper. Or if you need to recall things. Best NOT Played when*: When you on yo way to da CLUB!   *These parameters may change upon more feedback.   Background: Okay, so this is […]

Space-Time Continuum: A 30-second Tea...


Sorry everyone, I know I was supposed to release a complete track by now, but school has seriously taken over my life. The coursework is coming even faster than before now, and on top of that, I’m trying to finish up some summer research projects that I was fortunate to start some months earlier. With all […]