Flight 302


Why is this study music called “Flight 302?” I started producing this song when I was on a flight to Taiwan one year ago. The airline I was on was Flight 302. Hence, the name.

When you’re on a 14 hour flight, you really got a lot of time to kill.


A bit about me. My motherland is Taiwan, but I had not gone back since the beginning of medical school. One year ago, I had another gap and opportunity to go back to the Formosa, and wow I had such a GREAT TIME. I mean check out these pictures of me and my family in Taiwan.


Got to try out traditional Chinese masks….10335686_663981046984217_1115749707_n

Had meaningful conversations with local natives….10338922_664857383563250_1687210943_n

Anyway I digress.

However,  there is this 14 hour flight from the US to Taiwan. What better way to kill time than to write music? I began the track on my macbook pro on the cramp space of the airplane. This was 1 year ago. After landing in Taiwan, however, I lost inspiration and the track was placed on hold. Several months later, I was once again on a plane from Detroit to LAX, and out of boredom, I opened up Ableton Live and started the track again.

Once again, when I landed, I stopped producing…until recently. I’m currently in a state of transition. To continue my medical training, I am officially moving out of Michigan and going to California. However, in doing so, my apartment lease expired leaving me homeless for a bit. Thanks to my awesome friends, I have been surviving by couch surfing until I fly again.

Because of the move, I have no furniture, I have very little stuff. The only things I own are what ever is left in my car. However, in my state of transition, inspiration came back, probably because all I have left is my macbook pro.

Because of this, this song is made with VERY LITTLE equipment. All I have is my macbook pro, Ableton Live, and a small 25 key midi controller. Working on this song makes me realize it takes very little to do a lot, and sometimes the limitations of life fuels creativity.

Musically, there are almost two parts to the song. From 0:00 – 3:28, the song is musically very fluid, which represents the flight or traveling. From 3:28 – 5:24, the song represents destination, and the music progression becomes stable. The song then ends again with fluidity, representing that even though you reach your desintination, you will, once again, get on a flight and start another journey.

It’s also interesting to note that this song always represents my life in a state of transition, either in the process of traveling or going to a destination. I guess life is just a huge flight, we need to enjoy the journey.

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