Hey there! Thanks for visiting the FAQ page. Here I try to answer some questions about my work, a little bit about me, and how to use the Study Music Project.

Q: What is Study Music? How do I use Study Music Project?

A: Study Music is music you put on when you’re trying to block out distractions while studying. There are several ways of using it, depending on your study style, but the most common way is to put the music on concurrently as you are studying.

Q: When should I use Study Music Project? 

A: Anytime you want to study! But in particular, when you are having a hard time concentrating. For example, use the Study Music Project when:
-your roommate is being obnoxious, loud, and drunk
-you’re at the library, and the person sitting across from you is talking on their cell phone, and have no respect for you as a person or the rules set by the library
-you’re by yourself, and you find yourself day dreaming, procrastinating, or surfing facebook
-you’re at a coffeeshop, and two people sitting right next to you are having an incredibly loud conversation in a foreign language, then out of nowhere, one of them bursts out in the LOUDEST, most obnoxious laughter you’ve ever heard
-You’re at a quiet place, and you hear prolonged conversation in the form of whispers. It is worst than the noise of jack hammers.

The list goes on….

Q: I don’t study to music.

A: That’s totally fine. Study comes first. But, there comes a time in your studies, after the long hours, when you finally hit a wall. Unfortunately you can’t stop because your exam is tomorrow, but looking at your notes inevitably induces a vomiting reflex. Put on Study Music Project. Sure, your efficacy may be lower than silent studying, BUT the music will be surprisingly refreshing and allow you to continue.

Q: Who writes the music?

A: I do. All of these pieces are original and composed by me.

Q: The study music with drums in it are too loud and distracting!

A: Try the piano music.

Q: I like your music, but the piano music makes me sleepy…

A: Try the drums music.

Q: I can’t study to this music!!!!

A: Your volume might be too high, try turning it down.

Q: Do you have sheet music?

A: The biggest question I get ALL the time..

And unfortunately, the answer is “no.” :(

While, I totally appreciate your enthusiasm and support for desiring to learn these pieces on your own, I honestly don’t have that much time to produce them. I am also a full-time medical student, and the workload and time comment is nothing less of the most extreme intensity.

I only have a limited amount of time to do something musical (aka keep me sane), and I’d rather spend that time composing new music, while trying to write out old music. Sorry about that guys! I hope you all understand!


  1. jordan jordan
    September 13, 2010    

    i was wondering if i could download these somewhere so i can put it my my ipod. cos ur music is the bomb and i want to listen to it in the library when i study XD

  2. Michael Michael
    September 29, 2010    

    Hello Dennis,

    I just wanted to tell you that your music is great. I actually came across it on youtube while I was searching for something to study to when I was preparing for a test in my most difficult subject, Organic Chemistry II. I actually made an A on that exam, and I honestly give a great deal of credit to you and your music. It was a great aide in keeping a positive and studious atmosphere during my time of studies, something that is not easy to come by for me. Thanks for sharing your work.


    • September 29, 2010    

      Hey Michael,

      Thanks so much for the awesome comment. Congrats on your A! I am glad that the study music project was able to aid you through your hard work to achieve such an awesome score. Sharing your success means alot to me because it lets me know that I’m actually making a difference in other people’s lives, which was I what set out to do when I created this project.

      Please keep out for updates on the youtube channel..I try to update the channel with a new song roughly once a week, although sometimes it takes me longer to write a song sometimes. Thanks again, Michael. Hope that study music project will help you with your next test!


  3. Shaban Hani Shaban Hani
    October 5, 2010    

    Hey Dennis,

    I love your channel! It helps me get through any exam or essay I need to write, I turn the music up, and the effect hits me instantly! I certainly seem to be able to focus a lot better, and I’ve recommended it to all of my friends. Keep up the good work!


  4. C.nguyen C.nguyen
    January 21, 2011    

    Hi Dennis!
    I would just like to say the playlist is simply beautiful and inspirational. It really IS motivational music to study too. I was also wondering if you has music sheets of any of these songs?


  5. pepay pepay
    February 11, 2011    

    hi howie…you have a great project here! i started listening to your music in fall 2010 as i was preparing for my finals. and yes, like the rest of your fans here, i aced my exams! your music helped me a lot in my concentration…and it kept me up especially in the afternoon when sleep is so tempting! thank you for this contribution to mankind! good luck with med school! you are a talented guy!

  6. pepay pepay
    February 11, 2011    

    sorry…i meant dennis, not howie!

  7. Tony Tony
    March 7, 2011    

    Hey Dennis!

    I was curious what virtual instruments bundle(s) you use, because they seem so amazing. If you could, can you please tell me? Thanks!


  8. david david
    March 8, 2011    


    I just wanted to say thanks for such motivating and moving music that you have freely provided to me and everyone else. It’s so great to have something calm and peaceful, yet still inspirational in order to accomplish whatever task you may need to do. I hope even after you finish school you will continue making awesome music, since as a high schooler, I still have a long time to go as a student. Thank you!

    ~david y.

  9. Mandy Mandy
    April 20, 2011    

    Dear Dennis,

    Congratulations on this wonderful piece of work. What impresses me most is not the musical talent that you clearly have. It is the conviction and discipline to pursue your inspiration, in the face of commitments to your other goals simultaneously. I don’t know if your inspiration will continue to flow this way toward this project. It really doesn’t matter! I hope you continue to live your inspiration, whatever it may be in the future. Remember that when you once did so, you inspired countless others.

    Thank you.


  10. Mac Mac
    October 11, 2011    

    Hey Dennis this is great music! Do you perhaps now any music that is similar to autumn melody? because i am pretty sure i heard something like this somewhere

  11. Jing Shen Jing Shen
    October 11, 2011    

    could you at least give us the key that you use
    if possible the chords are more than enough…
    I’m currently trying to play Clarity by ear…
    And… I’m close learning it =D

  12. Ruby Ruby
    October 13, 2011    

    Hi Dennis,

    I appreciate your work for us, who need some motivation to focus on study. I am a psychology undergraduate students and I’m actually wondering is there any theory behind why all these music works? I would really appreciate if you spend some time explain to me how done these music works :) thank you!!!

  13. Joy Joy
    December 28, 2011    

    Hi Dennis! I love your music so much. It’s great even when I’m not studying (: I admire the fact that you can compose music. Would you accept tidbits of music that people will submit?

  14. February 23, 2012    

    Hi there, just wanted to thank you very much for the lovely music. I really enjoy listening to them – while studying or even just to relax.
    I wish you luck for your medical studies! Please find some time to relax, yourself, and take care.
    Thanks again!

  15. May May
    April 2, 2012    

    Hi Dennis,
    Would like you to know that you are so very appreciated and such an inspiration to my kindergarten kids and I…thank you so much.I play your music to my class of 5 year olds going to 6 every afternoon before I start teaching the enrichment class to clear and refresh their tired and or overly active minds. It always helps, even calming the active wiggly kids.
    My children would like you to know that you will make a great doctor(some want to be like you) and they hope that Janet,your friend will get well soon.(Btw,I teach different groups of nearly 20 children every weekday afternoon including my own morning class of 20).There are several favourites,Etoile Filante(top hit), Clarity,Neptune Illusion, Once upon a time, and so many more.Sometimes when the kids get too demanding and everyone wants their choice, I’ll play my favourite, Midnight Coffee!Thank you for sharing a part of yourself with us.

  16. Evinz Evinz
    April 22, 2012    

    Hey Study Music Project!

    I was amazed by the beautiful composition of your music and the relaxing melody. It really helps when I just want to study without the humdrum of the outside noise. The music’s also good to just listen to, even if I’m not studying.

    I was just wondering, do you have a download link for all your music? I just want to put them in my MP3 player so I can listen to them on the go.

    You can reply to me in private using my email.

    Thanks, and more power to you!

  17. Pearl Pearl
    July 2, 2012    

    Hi Dennis, I just want to say that I enjoy your music, and that your playlist has replaced my Yiruma piano playlist. I still like Yiruma but I feel at peace when I listen to your music. I can feel that a lot of care and thought went into it and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Many a times it has helped me through my late night studies.

  18. Srimadhav Nallani Srimadhav Nallani
    July 9, 2012    

    Dear Dennis,

    I would like to thank you for posting this beautiful music. It provides me with the inspiration to keep studying, helps me to concentrate, and since i began using the music, my grades have gone up. I also use your amazing music to help provide inspiration for when i’m writing.
    It is regretable that you do not have sheet music for these pieces but I hope that you will continue to create these songs and wish you the best of luck in your medical career.

    Srimadhav Nallani

  19. kyr kyr
    August 22, 2012    

    Wow I love your music so much! I just keep listening, over and over again. I prefere the song ‘Dream Waltz’. You play so sensitive. The way you play the piano, I really love it! It really touch me. I was searching for the sheet music for more then 1 hour, until I found this page.. Too bad, you don’t have the sheetmusic of this song.. I really wanted to play this song. You don’t have any tutorials?
    I really love your work! Thank you!!

    p.s. sorry for the bad English! :$

  20. Savita Savita
    December 27, 2013    

    Hi Dennis,
    Just like to tell you that your a star, your music is so inspirational and relaxing, I’ve just discovered it on YouTube and use it whilst revising for my subjects. Especially whilst studying A Level maths, you’ve got real talent and its such a beautiful and heart touching talent! I love all the pieces you’ve composed, but Rain has gone, Is the piece that touches my heart… I’ve even written an essay on it to express my thoughts and emotions upon the piece. I love it… I honestly give you the credit for my success in Maths, my first ever maths test in the beginning of Year 12 I got a U grade, I was so disheartened, but now I am 3/4 months into year 12 Maths, and i score A grades, after revising whilst listening to the beautiful music pieces you’ve composed. Thank you ever so much, I’ve purchased most of the music you’ve composed from ITunes… But I was wondering whether you offer the Music sheets, I would real like on for the Rain has gone, because I would life to perform it at a certificate evening… Please do let me know! Your brilliant and thank you so much for the musical pieces…

  21. Marin Marin
    January 6, 2014    

    Hey, Dennis,
    Thank you for sharing your talents with all of us. I’m an Academic Decathlete, which means I study 30-50 hours a week, and your music helped pull me out of a huge burnout. Also, like you, I plan to go into medicine, so I have years of studying ahead of me. I love your evocative melodies and the way your harmonic progressions make the listener constantly yearn for the next note, and the variety of styles is great for learning to concentrate when music is playing. Keep it up, and best of luck with your medical career!

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