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Please consider supporting the Study Music Project by buying an album! As a medical student, the amount of loan I take for school is beyond belief and the debt that accumulates over my head + the interest is not looking too bright for my future right now, especially since I am an out of state student. Any financial support would reallyrelieve me of borrowing more from financial aid. Thanks again!

Dennis Kuo

13 Responses to “Buy Music

  • I just purchased this from iTunes ! (and I rarely pay for music…heheheh) but this is fantastic for studying and as a pre-med student I will feel your pain soon. Keep up the great work !

  • Love this project! I’m also a pre-med student, so I can appreciate the time you have put into this project. Planning on buying the album to support you! Good luck with your studies!

  • Hi, its me again. I’m planning to buy your album in the next few months. Good luck on your studies. God Bless. :)

  • Dennis, thank you so much for embarking on this Study Music Project journey! It has helped a lot through my undergraduate years. I plan to continue using your music to help me focus during my graduate school years. Good luck on medical school!

    I was also wondering, for your more recent songs, will you compile them onto a separate CD at a later date? Thanks and God bless!

  • I wish you could buy this album from international store retailers as well. I’m not allowed to buy anything through the net due the restriction from parents.

    • Besides that, I rely on YouTube.For those who can you should buy and support the project because it’s actually amazing. Unlike other classical music such as Beethoven or any of those older guys, the songs that the author makes for some odd reason allowed me to concentrate on the task at hand.

      Favorited and Subscribed

      Will be waiting to buy the actual CD

  • I love your music! It is so much easier to study to than listening to a rap or a rock song. In addition,it relaxes me and gives me that boost needed when I go past 2AM. Keep up the great work in med school and in writing music!

  • You’re music is inspiring! I always start off listening to my hip-hop music (I LOVE me some hip-hop) when I’m hittin’ the books, but I always end up on my Study Music Project Playlist. I’m getting both of you’re CD’s soon and I hope there’s more to come! Best of luck with all of your studious endeavors and thanks for all the help!!

  • Thank you.

    I have such trouble focusing on study, especially when it come to exam time and I’m anxious.

    When I realized how much easier it was to focus/relax with your music I cried…

    I don’t generally buy music (still on my music from high school) but I’m buying your albums and sharing with other students anytime I get a chance.

    I’d buy sheet music if/when you have it too ;)

  • Your music is perhaps the best I’ve found thus far to keep me focused while revising. I forsee myself playing your tracks for a long time to come while I still have to get my nose in a book!

    I’m wondering though, is there any way for me to buy/ your music NOT from iTunes? I’d love to get mp3s of what you’ve made so far to carry around with me wherever, but for reasons I will not go into, I do not want to install iTunes.

  • Hey Dennis! Is there a way for me to buy your Christmas music?

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