Study Music Project BEST (2010-2014)


Artwork feat. John Su (

It’s the end of the year, and it’s also a time to reflect. Also a time to cram. Thus, the ultimate playlist has been created.

This is the mothership of all playlist. The playlist includes all the tracks that I have produced from 2010 to 2014. In total, it is a FOUR HOUR LONG playlist.

I’ll be filling in on writing some background thoughts to these songs. Be on the look out for blogs about them.

List of songs:
0:09 Ever Eternity
9:09 Rain Has Gone
14:36 Rainy Nights, Rainy Days
20:53 Save my Dreams
26:20 We’ll Meet Again
31:59 Starlight Memories
37:37 Time Castle
42:12 Midnight Coffee
47:51 Once Upon a Time
52:01 Etoile Filante (Shooting Star)
57:00 Winter Story
1:02:02 Tesseract
1:10:01 Crystal Rose
1:16:14 Snowflake Sonata
1:20:42 Jazzmine Tea
1:25:33 Music Box
1:30:16 I Miss You…
1:36:22 Neo Gardens
1:40:50 Autumn Melody (feat. in Wong Fu)
1:46:58 Hidden Track
1:48:48 Almost Remember
1:53:10 Neptune Illusion
1:58:27 Another Dimension
2:06:25 Moon Among Trees
2:14:21 Waltz into Love
2:18:48 Mocha Latte
2:24:01 Masquerade
2:28:05 Peace in Belize
2:33:18 Flower
2:36:20 Sailing into Abyss
2:40:57 Dream of Love
2:45:23 Smoothie Samba
2:51:02 Piano Ballad
2:55:09 Blue Deja Vu
3:00:35 Falling Petals
3:08:09 Just in a Dream
3:12:56 Sweet Saturn
3:19:15 Sincerely Yours
3:24:26 Reminiscence (Tea Version)
3:34:38 Water Lily
3:39:10 Reminiscence (Coffee Version)
3:49:18 Just in a Dream
3:54:00 Sweet Saturn
4:00:43 END


  1. May 18, 2015    

    Dear Dennis,
    I fall in love with all the music you’ve made since you’re still in last years of Medical university. I am a senior Medical student now and I love photography, film making and design since forever. I know it is hard to balance the things you love and the career you’ve chosen.
    I really want to know more about you and be-friend, if you have some time. You inspire me so much when I was very upset of my life, relationships and study stress. You are a great artist and enthusiast to me.
    Hope to hear more from you, if it’s not bother you, please send me a reply email via mine:

    Your fan and fellow from Vietnam

  2. Koko Koko
    May 18, 2015    


  3. Shari Brase-Smith Shari Brase-Smith
    June 21, 2015    

    I am dealing with severe, chronic pain, pain which medications barely touch to ease the screaming nerve endings in my body. I am scheduled for surgery next month to, hopefully, give a little relief. But for now I am suffering as few know. When I feel desperation, like now at 2:30 in the morning, I turn to your music. It’s beauty touches my soul and soothes me in a way no medication can. I hope your Study Music Project is used to reach others like me! Please don’t ever stop making such beauty! You’re are a physician to all who hear!

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