Dennis Kuo, MD is a Taiwanese-American composer, music producer, a medical doctor, and the creator of the Study Music Project. Dennis began composing music for focus and productivity in 2010, after being admitted to medical school. He originally composed the music to help himself study, but the Study Music Project quickly caught on when others had found tremendous benefit and success in their own studies.

Dennis Kuo blends in elements from classical music, piano, jazz, hip-hop, ambient, electronic, chill music, lo-fi, and nature to create a novel style of productivity-centered music that is not-boring, effective, and beneficial to the listener.

Dennis Kuo started his music career by creating study music for students to use, but he strives to expand his music into increasing productivity in the work and office-setting. Furthermore, he hopes to write music that will help people fight against stress, insomnia, anxiety, and depression – music that will heal the soul. Where medicine is limited, music will go.

Dennis Kuo studied at UCLA as a biochemistry major, received his doctorate of medicine at Wayne State University, and is finishing his residency at UCSD, as an anesthesiologist. He practices medicine full-time during the day and produces music in the evening.

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  1. Shahida says:

    Hello Dennis,

    I was simply browsing the youtube for music for studying , and stumbled upon your wonderful music creation..which i sincerely fall in love immediately! and i go on listening to all of them while reading Accelerated Learning book by Colin Rose. I read through, scribbled some important notes and abracadabra! it’s like magic Dennis; i completed the book plus some jotted down important notes, in just 30 mins. it’s amazing how your music has helped me completed my task quicker than usual and it keeps me going.

    All my gratitude to you for sharing magnificient music with everybody. for your info, i’m an English Trainer from Malaysia, i’m passionate about helping children and adults learn English Language using the Accelerated Learning technique. Among the elements in the technique is to incorporate music during the learning session. and yes, I would like to be part of your Study Music Project, by experimenting its impact on learners (adults especially).

    I would like to know if your music is available on CD and how can i get them? I travel around Malaysia to help people hence CD would be convenient to carry around. I can hardly wait to get them soon coz im planning to use them by 29 Nov 2010, for a 5 day English Language Training. Also please inform me if I can be of any help to collect statistical data on the effectiveness of the music.

    Again Dennis, thank you so much for sharing your music. At this moment, i have Piano Ballad playing, such a soothing piece to hear on my birthday today and it’s also my 2-month wedding anniversary.

    Thank you.

    Wan Shahida Wan Ismail
    Palm Springs@Damansara
    No 1 PJU 3/29
    47810 Kota Damansara
    Selangor, MALAYSIA.

  2. Coroi Tudor says:

    I’m a medical student in Romania and your work helps me very much. I have never been so focused as I am when I am studying to your music. My favourite one is Neptune Ilusion. You have trully left your mark on this world. Please keep up the good work.

  3. K.L. Hoang says:

    You make relaxing music to listen to while working; its great stuff. Did you ever think of using Solfeggio tones or Gamma, beta, Alpha waves, or the Schumann Resonance of 7.83 Hz?

  4. Magda says:

    Hi there! I greatly appreciate the idea and the whole project! I’ve found out about it right now typing into youtube “music for studying”. Unfortunately, for me the music is too beautiful and instead of stuidying, I focus on listening to it:p Maybe I have to listen to it few times so that I’m already acquainted with it, and then it should be possible to study to it ! Best of luck with the project!

  5. Rachel says:

    Hi! I was studying for a really big test and i found your youtube channel and gave it a try. I’m so glad i did! You helped me cover all of the information for my test next week in HALF THE TIME! Thank you 🙂

    I will definitely use this every time i have a test 🙂

  6. Dorothy says:

    Hello, I’m a student from Hong Kong and when I search for relaxing or some soothing music to listen to when I’m studying, it’s amazing how I found your music creation. I still haven’t started studying to your music, there’s no doubt that there melody is inspirational and peaceful, but sometimes energetic. I personally perfer certain kind of music, like yours, as I feel my mind can really take a rest and be absorbed in the world with flowy music. It’s interesting that when I recommended the music to some of my friends, they said that this kind of music is too soothing and they’ll easily fall asleep when studying! Haha! So, maybe different people have preference on which type of music to listent to when studying, but it’s certain it’s my type of music! 😉

  7. Rob says:

    Hey, I am a high school student from Texas, have a Physics midterm tomorrow, your music is amazing! Helped me study like never before!

  8. S. T. says:

    Hey Dennis!

    This is such an amazing project. It is really effective for me. In particular, I am a musician –primarily violinist, but I also play piano and I sing as well. When I study, I like to listen to classical music. Not grand concertos or symphonies but simple piano/violin/cello solo pieces. My main problem with this, is that I am so familiar with these pieces that I have a tendency to get distracted, taken away by a familiar melody or a piece that I’ve performed before. The beauty of your project (aside from the actual music itself) is the fact that it is subtle, continuous, soothing, and non-intrusive. Reminiscent of a slow nocturne, but just unique enough not to distract me, and still able to enhance my focus. Beautiful! Bravo!



  9. Francisca says:

    Hey! i will try study with your music for my psychology test! i am a secondary student ;D

  10. Rn2B says:

    Thank you for sharing your talent with the world, I purchased the album on itunes in anticipation of the long weekend I will have prepping for my finals on Wednesday..

    • Daniel says:

      I haven’t bought the album yet, just listening it on YouTube is good enough until I can by it from CD baby since I cannot find it on iTunes, if you can send me the link for the download in iTunes i would appreciate it

  11. Daniel says:

    I can’t believe how great this music works. Listening in a quiet environment is sometimes desperate and boring, but using the tracks of studymusicproject.com helps you concentrate and have fun while studying. Not just helps you to focus, but also to retain information for longer periods of time. From now on I’m going to study with his music and other songs that help me concentrate (you can look for them in my youtube profile MrDmata001 – look for a playlist calle Studying Music). It helps even more when studying subjects that have to do with a lot of facts, such as history or biology. Haven’t tried using it for psychology yet, but hopefully I’ll find out soon enough it works! Thanks again to Dennis Kuo for these amazing tracks to help the information flow flow and thoughts in your mind fly.

  12. Eileen says:

    I am a teacher, and I am going to try using this music during class to help my students concentrate during independent work times.

    • Jeanne says:

      I teach high school senior English. Out of 6 classes, I chose the 1 class that without exception fails to complete tasks on time. I played the Study Music Project
      videos from YouTube in that class only. To my amazement, and my students’ awe, everyone in the class completed (neatly) the assigned vocabulary and essay in the 50 minute time period. The other 5 classes completed the vocabulary and essay planning, but few completed the entire essay.
      I did not even tell the students I would play music; I just quietly turned it up after giving the assignment.
      I will definitely use the music with all my classes. Dennis–Thanks for spending the time and effort to better our world!

  13. Laine Kongsun Ching says:

    Hi Dennis! I’m a fan of your music!!! I wanna play as good as you. Haha. Sadly, no time to do that though… We have some things in common, which, I am also a graduate of Biochemistry and is now in med school! Nice to know you can still find free time. I wish I could project my stress in something as productive as this. 🙂 Kudos!

  14. Samuel says:

    The best I could find before finding this was classical music. Your music has now surpassed that. I am a high school freshman, and my problem is that I am easily distracted. When I listen to music, the music distracts me at first, and then removes itself and other distractions, leaving my mind clear and very focused. The Study Music project has found a success with me, this music is perfect. Thank you for what you’ve been doing.


  15. thank you so much for your kind words! i’m really glad you found it useful in your studies! i appreciate your support!

  16. kaixin says:

    great job. well done dennis. 🙂

  17. Azra Rama says:

    I´ve listened to your music many times, while reading many boring books, and on many rainy days. Your music has helped me to focus and prepare my self really well before exams. You do such a good thing here, its really inspiring. Makes me wish i could do something like that, touch so many people with my art… I know you will do GREAT in life. Few people have the gift to genuinely move other peoples hearts and reach their innermost feelings, and stir up feelings they forget they had. However your music is sad, i get the idea that you´ve lost someone you love. and i hope somehow, helping all of these people who adore you and your music may help you find peace and tranquility. God bless your soul

  18. Neil Patkar says:

    Hi Mr.Kuo (can’t call you Dennis b/c I’m 12!) your music is amazing. I should be studying right now but I’ve been listening to your music for a little while now and I wanted some way to tell you your music is amazing. I doubt you will read this but if you do please email me back so I could possibly know you read this.

  19. Penangkia says:

    I want to thank you so much because your music saves me from losing my concentration whenever I study throughout my undergraduate life. In fact, I am graduating in a month’s time and I am still listening to your music as I write my papers.

    And I just found out that you are a Bruin too!! Same here.
    U-C-L-A, fight fight fight!!

  20. James Paulet says:

    is it possible to get music scores for what you have written?


  21. KHAN says:

    Hi Dennis ,
    you have an awesome talent to create relaxing and anti-procrastination music (i am writing this comment while listening to one of your tracks)… i read a case study that studying while listening to music can help increase cognitive activity. finally found the right kind of music.
    much respect and love from Khan!

  22. Sunil Thapa says:

    Great piece of art. Helps a lot in concentration and focus. Good job Dennis..:)

  23. Linda Zhang says:

    Hi Dennis,

    Your music is the first thing I go to when I have trouble focusing.
    I find your youtube channel and Phone App make your music the most easily accessible out of all the study music options.
    (So ‘yay you!’ for developing the App – it’s fabulous)

    I listen to it at home when I need to get into the ‘study zone’, or at the library at school when I need to block out the noise of chatter.

    I think the key to why I love your music so much is your incredible VARIETY! I never get bored of it. In addition, the one-hour youtube playlists coincide PERFECTLY with the 50 minute school periods I have.

    You seriously are making a difference to hundreds of students so very well done on your endeavor!

    Linda – Last year of high school, Sydney, Australia

  24. Katie Tao says:

    Hi Dennis,
    Just want to say, I absolutely love all your music! It’s very beautiful and soothing to hear while I study. I actually have a habit of jumping from one song on Youtube, or Pandora to study. Which gets me easily get distracted because I start watching other Youtube videos. I stumbled upon your music by chance and I felt like it was a sign calling me to check your channel out. And I am glad that I did. It’s my last year studying Japanese, and this semester has been very difficult for me. But I’m hoping with your music it can aid me in some way.

    Thank you again and good luck to everything that you do~!

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