Flight 302

flight 302

  Why is this study music called “Flight 302?” I started producing this song when I was on a flight to Taiwan one year ago. The airline I was on was Flight 302. Hence, the name. When you’re on a 14 hour flight, you really got a lot of time to kill.   A bit […]

Study Music Project BEST (2010-2014)


  Artwork feat. John Su (thejohnsu.tumblr.com) It’s the end of the year, and it’s also a time to reflect. Also a time to cram. Thus, the ultimate playlist has been created. This is the mothership of all playlist. The playlist includes all the tracks that I have produced from 2010 to 2014. In total, it […]


citylife (small)

  Despite the new post, this is actually a throw-back song. Tesseract was something I produced back in the days when I was a first year in medical school. Except now, it’s 2 HOURS LONG!! This song brings back memories. Memories of cramming. Bad memories. I wrote this song when I was a first year […]

Evening Epiphany


The creative process is a funny thing. Sometimes it is painstakingly difficult to complete, while other times, it just flows out naturally. Been producing a couple music tracks lately, can’t finish a single one. Maybe it’s the stress of the hospital. Maybe it’s because I get easily distracted and never fini-…. But just a couple nights ago, […]

New Season of Study Music Project 201...


DANG where have i been???!!! sorry for being so MIA everyone! So for the past two months I’ve been trying to adjust to a new workflow and learning the ropes as an intern physician. Like many things in life, school never completely prepares you for the real deal. I started with some General medicine floors, […]

Soft Piano Study Music: “Sincer...

SIncerely Yours

  Sometimes it’s the simple things in life that are the most sincere, and priceless. That’s what this song is all about. No real tricks, no fancy chords, just straight up piano with a nice melody. For some, good piano music is just what we need to get our concentration and study juices going. For […]

Reminiscence: Coffee or Tea?


  This is one of those tracks that really had me deep into the process, to a point where I began to become lost in the music. Being in this semi-alter-conscious state while working on this piece, my suppressed, forgotten, and elusive memories began to emerged. Along with it brought some interesting emotions, which further […]

Just in a Dream

Just in a Dream

The depth and complexity of the music lies not within the melody nor progression, but of the voicing. While you can try to remember the melody and hum the overall tune, you will find yourself having a much more difficult time humming the voicing of the chords. Like just in a dream, the main idea […]

Sweet Saturn


  “Sweet Saturn” is a study music piece I have written that is heavily inspired by Nujabes and Jay Chou. One common overlap that I have found  between these two artists is the nostalgic nature of their styles. For some reason, listening to both Nujabes and Jay Chou both take me back to good times in […]

Water Lily


Type: Piano Genre: Ballad With school almost back in session, I hope to present to you a new season of Study Music Project. This song here is called “Water Lily.” Left Brain: I began the concept of this song essentially one year ago. Like most pieces that I write, it was a bit fragmented when […]