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19th Sep 2014

New Season of Study Music Project 2014-2015 beginning soon

DANG where have i been???!!! sorry for being so MIA everyone! So for the past two months I’ve been trying to adjust to a new workflow and learning the ropes...

20th Mar 2014
SIncerely Yours

Soft Piano Study Music: “Sincerely Yours”

  Sometimes it’s the simple things in life that are the most sincere, and priceless. That’s what this song is all about. No real tricks, no fancy chords, just straight...

20th Mar 2014

Reminiscence: Coffee or Tea?

  This is one of those tracks that really had me deep into the process, to a point where I began to become lost in the music. Being in this...

07th Jan 2014
Just in a Dream

Just in a Dream

The depth and complexity of the music lies not within the melody nor progression, but of the voicing. While you can try to remember the melody and hum the overall...

22nd Oct 2013

Sweet Saturn

  “Sweet Saturn” is a study music piece I have written that is heavily inspired by Nujabes and Jay Chou. One common overlap that I have found  between these two...

19th Aug 2013

Water Lily

Type: Piano Genre: Ballad With school almost back in session, I hope to present to you a new season of Study Music Project. This song here is called “Water Lily.”...

04th Aug 2013

Candles and Roses

Happy Summer Break everyone! I’m happy to release a new song for you guys. Well, this song is NOT EXACTLY study music. This is a “SUMMER BREAK EDITION” release for...

04th Aug 2013

Falling Petals

Music for the Mind, Beats for the Brain

28th May 2013
Mocha Latte

Mocha Latte

[adsense] Music Title: “Mocha Latte” Style: Jazz, Hip Hop, Coffee Music Background: This instrumental background music was inspired by a fellow medical student, who always insisted on starting the day...

22nd Jan 2013

Moon Among Trees

Title: “Moon Among Trees” Genre: Classical, Hip-Hop Mood: Slightly melancholic, but introspective “Left Brain” Analysis: Moon Among Trees is the first piece that I have written for 2013! The concept for this...